BigWerks Rigel KONTAKT

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BigWerks Rigel KONTAKT

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BigWerks Rigel KONTAKT


BigWerks Rigel KONTAKT
File Size : 2.89 GB

This library contains amazing sound design from the dark pads & unique vocals to the clean live instruments & ground shaking bass. This library is in a class of its own!
Makes It Easy To Create The Music You! Want To Make.
Nothing worse than having a great song idea and not the right instruments to make it happen! You won't have that problem with Rigel Kontakt Library
Rigel Kontakt Library Has 14 Instrument Categories...
It also has a easy to use & intuitive interface which makes tweaking sounds and adding fx simple to do.
Instruments include:
Arps, bass, bells, brass, guitars, fx, strings, keys, plucks, synth leads, pads, vocals, 808s, reverse inst.
FX include:
Amp envelope, filter envelope, lfo, filter, custom reverb, delay, phaser, eq, glide controls & arpeggiator.
System Requirements
- Rigel Kontakt Library requires full version kontakt 5.5.1 or higher
- At least 6 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended), and 10 GB of free drive space


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