Gordon Strachan's departure from Scotland job was the right

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Gordon Strachan's departure from Scotland job was the right

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Gordon Strachan made a dignified exit from his post as Scotland manager, thanking those who needed to be thanked, expressing regret at not having done what he set out to do.

There were no excuses because he didn't have any left to give. Despite the supporting words of the managerial fraternity in the past few days, Strachan had used up all his lives and had to go.

Sunday in Slovenia was the last act, a game that had ruinous consequences for Scotland's World Cup hopes and for Strachan's dream of taking his country to a major championship.

There was such a positive backdrop as well; a run of matches unbeaten, a fantastic last-gasp SBOBET victory a few nights before, a gathering sense of something special about to happen.

What's that they say about hope being the thing that kills you? The night ended in failure on the field and embarrassment off it.

Strachan's chat about genetics in the aftermath was a cringe-making moment that made him the object of SBOBET ridicule. Martin O'Neill and Michael O'Neill, the respective managers of Scotland's Celtic cousins in Dublin and Belfast, might even have laughed at that one.

Over the past year, Michael O'Neill has given international call-ups to players from the following clubs. Linfield, St Johnstone, Millwall, Burton Albion, Dunfermline, Kilmarnock, Charlton, Bradford, Motherwell, Oldham, Shrewsbury, Doncaster Rovers, Dundalk and Wigan. In Slovenia, Strachan had two Champions League players sitting, unused, on his bench.

The Irelands haven't exactly been fielding physical specimens these past years. They're not picking from a freakish gene pool nor have they SBOBET a single player of anything approaching world class. And yet both O'Neills took their teams to the Euros and both have made the play-offs for Russia.

For a long time now, Strachan has come out on the wrong side of the comparison between the Republic and Northern Ireland. On paper, Scotland are probably better than the pair of them. In reality - in the business of constructing gameplans and grinding out results - Strachan hasn't been good enough.

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