Di Francesco hopes to return to path of victory

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Di Francesco hopes to return to path of victory

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Roma manager’s, Eusebio Di Francesco, hopes to win again with his team after they failed to achieve any victories in thesbo888last four games in the League. “It has been 20 disappointing days but I don’t want to forget the good things we did before that. We must return to how we were the month before.

Above everything I expect motivation and enthusiasm to go and rediscover the right path, which we were on,” Di Francesco said onsbo888Roma’s official Friday. Roma’s players are preparing for their return to the Italian League after the winter break to play a tough game against Inter Milan.

Di Francesco had an amazing run with his team in the Champions League, qualifying for the second round on top of their group. They will face Shakhtar Donetsk in roundsbo88816. Roma places fifth in the league table with 39 points; they are 12 points behind the leaders Napoli.

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