Merrimack River on the way home

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Merrimack River on the way home

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I liked the Kinvara 3 and 4, but I also really like the way the Nike Air Max 90 Femme Kinvara 5 runs. I feels bit more “springy”, even though it is softer. But, I sent mine Nike Roshe Run Femme back to exchange after 2 runs. The stretchy material on the inside of the shoe under the laces on the inside of the left shoe (it was there on the 4 also) was puffed out and later in the run it caused a hot spot and rubbing. Hopefully the replacement will be better. Other than that issue, I really liked the shoe.
One question, I noticed that on the Kinvara 3, the sole of the shoe is more flat, with no grooves, the 4 a little less so, and on the 5, and the Viratta 2 also, there is a deep groove running down the length of the shoe. Can someone tell me the purpose of this, and your opinion, I guess it is to flex, but wouldn’t that decrease “stability”? By stability, I don’t mean the old neutral vs. stability argument, I mean just landing on a more stable Nike Classic Cortez Leather Womens foundation (flatter surface). I am not yet sure if I like these deep grooves or Nike Air Max 90 Damen not.
I just got a pair of the GoMeb Speed 2 shoes and they have no grooves. I have a wide foot, but the Speed 2’s feel good on my feet. Snug, but no in a bad way. I look forward to taking them out on a run, and maybe using them next Monday in the Bolder Boulder.Last winter I wrote a post on a topic of intense debate among runners: shorts or no shorts over winter running tights? It wound up being one of the most popular posts on this site, and it became clear that we runners have strong opinions about fashion etiquette!
Now that the weather has warmed up and my tights have been packed away for the summer (though one can never be sure winter is really over in May in New Hampshire), I thought I’d tackle another pressing question about running fashion. This Nike Air Max 95 Homme one was spurred by a question my friend Adam posted last week over in the Running Adidas Superstar Mens Shoe Geeks group on Facebook (join us!). Adam’s question: Do you prefer a shirt or no shirt when running long in the heat?
Rather than leave all of the fun on Facebook, I thought I’d pose the same question here along with my own answer.
Personally, there are a number of factors that determine if/when I would run shirtless. These includeI’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but as someone who has been on the heavier side of average weight on more than a few occasions in my life, I tend to be very self-conscious of my body. Since becoming a runner there have been a few times when my weight has dipped down in the mid to low 160’s, and on those occasions I have felt comfortable enough in my own skin to run without a shirt. And I loved it! One of my most memorable Nike Roshe Run Męskie runs was a fairly long run on a hot day where all I had on was a pair of shorts Nike Air Max 90 Womens and a pair of Vibram Fivefingers (double running fashion faux pas?). I remember loving the Nike Air Max Tavas Dames simplicity of that run. I jumped in the Merrimack River on the way home, and didn’t have to worry about my shoes being wet or having to carry a soaked shirt home with me. Given a choice, I’d prefer to run without a shirt if my self-image and running conditions allow it. New Hampshire is a pretty heavily forested state, and even on my road runs there is usually ample tree cover on at least one side of the road. I would not go shirtless if I planned to be out for a long time in the direct sun. I’ve been burned enough in the past to know that this is not a wise idea, and I’d rather not slather my entire torso in sunscreen before every run. Sometimes a shirt is both safer and easier.

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