Royal1688 Present the event. Girl in the room Lure out of t

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Royal1688 Present the event. Girl in the room Lure out of t

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Royal1688 Warning girl living alone Chopped down Lured out of the room

Royal1688 Is a channel to play casino games online. Comes with an interesting news track. Today we offer interesting news that. This is a story that was brought to you through Facebook. Kamonrod Tawatpattamakorn. The name of the "bird you" by the news. I tried to contact you to tell the story. The incident happened in a village in Bueng Kum district on November 22, 2560 that a person suspected of cutting her out of the fire outside the room. At first, she understood that the power went out. But when you open the door outside the room. It was found that cutouts were chopped down.

At first, I thought that there would be someone pretending. The result is that the fire goes out again. She walked out of the room. And see a man. Have a suspicious gesture And he came in and asked what was going on. And the bird's response to the man said that there are people cut off. I have to say that the man will go to see the closed circuit. The man rushed to flee.

And after that You have to see the camera from the corporate entity. And the image of the man walks close to her room during the fire and When asked with the legal entity. It was found that the man lived in a nearby building. He also worked as a security guard at the village. More progress can be read on the website. Goldclub Slot

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